• Research Overview

A Brief Introduction to Scientific Research


Over  the years, WUST has been adhering to the concept of “seeking support  through making contributions, striving for advantages through  maintaining standards and promoting development through creating new  technologies”. Centering round the strategic development of the  iron-steel industry and the construction of a resource-saving and  environment-friendly society, WUST is attempting to build a nationwide  technological innovation system. Under the provincial leadership, and  with the cooperation of many corporations, WUST makes full use of  various disciplinary advantages by strengthening its connections with  other regions and corporations, enhancing the cooperation between  production, education, and scientific research, and has made a number of  achievements, as well as great contributions, for the development of  the local economy and industry. Thus WUST is honored by Hubei Province  with the reputation of “Excellent Unit of Serving Hubei Economic and  Social Development”.

WUST  has a strong research capacity, unique advantages, especially in  Iron-Steel Metallurgy, Chemical Material, Machinery, Chemicals,  Controlling, and other industries. It has actively created the  school-enterprise cooperative model, established full cooperation with  more than twenty large enterprises and local governments, including  Wuhan Iron and Steel Corp, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Corp, Chongqing Iron  and Steel Corp, Lianyang Iron and Steel Corp, etc.; it has also set up  more than thirty institutes, including “WISCO-WUST Iron and Steel New  Technology Institute”, “International Iron and steel Institute”, “Shao  Steel Corp-WUST Iron Making Institute”, “Blasting Technology Research  Center”, etc.; and it has taken the initiative in establishing the  strategic alliance of “Hubei Industrial Technological Innovation of  Vanadium Resource Development and Utilization”.

WUST  is continuing to enhance the level of its scientific research  platforms, and has a national key experiment base, two key laboratories  of the Ministry of Education, an engineering research center of the  Ministry of Education, eight provincial key laboratories, three  provincial key liberal arts bases for science and research, a provincial  engineering research center, and two provincial engineering technology  research centers.

Since  2007 WUST has won fourteen national scientific awards for six years in a  row (One First Prize and 11 Second Prizes among the National Science  and Technology Progress Awards, two Second Prizes among the National  Invention Awards). It has also received more than ninety provincial and  higher scientific (liberal arts) awards. WUST has taken and held 223  national projects, such as “Project 973”, “Project 863”, National  Science and Technology Supporting Project, National Natural Science  Fund, etc., 776 Ministry or Provincial Key Projects, and more than 1500  Enterprise-Commissioned Projects. WUST has also published 1755 articles  in SCI, EI and CPCI-S journals, applied for 793 patents (548 invention  patents, 125 utility patents, 84 design patents and 36 software  copyrights), and registered 550 patents (299 invention patents, 109  utility patents, 103 design patents and 39 software copyrights). WUST  has completed 92 identifications of science and technological  achievements, of which over 90% have reached the advanced international  and domestic levels.

With  the continuous enhancement of comprehensive strength, especially its  scientific research level and scientific creative power, WUST will  broaden the cooperative fields of production, education, and scientific  research. WUST’s high-tech enterprises and scientific-technological  cooperation are an indispensable part of its social service functions,  and are bound to contribute to the creation of a domestic high-level  university, as well as to local and national economic development.