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Computer Science and Technology


School of computer science and technology (SCST) provides quality education to students of interest in a number of computer-related programs from bachelor to doctoral level since 1988. Now, it has 4 bachelor’s degree programs (namely Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Network Engineering, and Information Security), 2 master's degree programs (namely Computer Science and Technology, and Software Engineering), and 1 doctoral degree program (namely Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems). The school has 1 national characteristic majors, and 2 characteristic majors of Hubei province.


The SCST consists of five departments (namely the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Software Engineering, the Department of Network Engineering, the Department of Information Security, and the Department of Technology), together with four teaching laboratories and research institutes and (including National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Computer, National Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center for Metallurgical Industry, Hubei Province Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing and Real-time Industrial System,Key Laboratory of Rich-media Knowledge Organization and Service of Digital Publishing Content, National Radio and Television Administration). Accommodated in a floor space of 7000 square meters, all laboratories are equipped with advanced research facilities, whose assets are about a worth of 30 million RMB yuan.


There are about 80 faculty members in the SCST, 60 of the faculty members have Ph.D degree. It has more than 10 doctoral advisers, 20 professors, and 40 associate professors. There are over 200 research projects in total, of which over 30 projects are from the National Science Foundation of China. The SCST has award winners of one Second Award for National Science & Technology Progress, and seven Awards for Provincial Science & Technology Progress. Up until the end of 2018, there have been 700 publications in total, of which 400 have been indexed by SCI, EI, and ISTP. More than 30 academic monographs have been published, together with about 140 of patents and software copyrights.


The faculty members are well known for their excellent overall qualities, high academic standards, rich practical experiences, and strong innovative spirits. Teaching achievements are remarkable in our school, such as 1 national teaching achievement first prizes in 2009, 1 provincial teaching achievement first prizes in 2013, 1 provincial teaching achievement second prizes in 2017. There are two quality videos, resource sharing and excellent courses in provincial level. In recent 3 years, we have over 50 educational research projects, of which about 20 projects are from the MOE and Hubei Province. Up until the end of 2018, over 60 educational research papers, and over 20 course textbooks have been published.


The SCST has over 2,000 undergraduate students and over 300 graduate students on campus. Students at the school receive a comprehensive and prestigious academic education. These students obtain 7 silver medals and  12 bronze medals in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, 3 national prizes in Chinese College Students Internet Plus, Entrepreneurship, and Challenge Cup Competitions. They have reached great achievements in the area of the robot soccer competition at home and abroad. The Climber Robo Soccer Team has won 12 world championships and 13 national champions in the cup robot soccer competition. The students are also competitive in other fields of contests, for example, the National English Contest for College Students in China, the Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, the Challenger Cup Competition for college students’ creativity, the National University Electronic Embedded Design Contest, the National Service Outsourcing Competition, the Blue Bridge Cup Nation Competition for Program Design.