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Originating from Department of Management Engineering of Wuhan Steel and Iron College established in 1982, Evergrande Management School of Wuhan University of Science and Technology (named as “Evergrande Management School” by Evergrande Group in June 2017) has formed an entire educational system including doctoral student, master student and bachelor student education during the past 36 years. There are 2 secondary discipline doctoral student cultivation stations that are independently set up, respectively Industrial Engineering and Safety Science & Management, 2 primary discipline master degree granting stations respectively Management Science & Engineering and Industrial & Commercial Administration, 5 specialized master degree granting stations, respectively MBA (Master of Business Administration), MEM (Master of Engineering Management), MPAcc (Master of Professional Accounting), Project Management & Logistics Engineering, 10 bachelor degree majors, respectively Industrial & Commercial Administration, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management, HR Management, Information Management & Information System, Engineering Management, E-business, Logistics Management and Property Management as well as some educational trial classes, including International Industrial & Commercial Administration Class, Xiangtao Planned Cultural Management Class, Jingchu Excellent Economic Management Talent Collaborative Education Class. Primary Management Science and Engineering discipline is a major distinctive provincial subject. Hubei Industrial Policy and Management Research Center is a key provincial human culture and social science research base. Service Science & Engineering subject is a main human culture & social science research platform in the university. Industrial & Commercial Administration is a brand provincial major. Backbone industrial & commercial administration teaching team is composed of elites in the province. Economic Management & Experiment Teaching Center is a provincial experimental teaching center sample. Qingshan Start-up Internship & Training Base is a major base in the province.


There are now 158 faculties in the school, 135 teachers, including 29 professors, 67 associate professors, 6 doctoral student tutors, 1 specially invited Chutian scholar and 1 lecturer. There are respectively 2,850 undergraduate students, 660 master candidates and 10 doctoral students. In recent 5 years, we have conducted over 5000 theme researches, including 17 National Natural Science and Social Science Foundation Projects and 68 provincial projects. Over 20 million Yuan fund has been granted. Over 700 high-level theme papers have been published, 2 of which have been elected into “ESI” frequently cited papers. We have also obtained 8 provincial research prizes, published over 20 books and 28 textbooks. 2 are selected as Common High Education “11th Five-year” National Planning Textbook; 1 is selected as Common High Education “12th Five-year” National Planning Textbook. Furthermore, we have obtained 1 National Teaching Achievement Prize, 4 First Provincial Teaching Achievement Prizes, 2 Second Prizes and 4 Third Prizes.


Our school always places quality of talent education as priority, focuses on cultivating application-oriented compound management talents with solid theoretical foundation, outstanding practical ability, high comprehensive quality, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Our students obtain about 100 prizes in national and provincial competitions on average every year. In particular, the students obtained 1 National Golden Prize, 3 Silver Prizes and 8 Copper Prizes in “Challenge Cup” Chinese University Student Start-up Competition successively, and 1 Second Prizes in “Challenge Cup” Chinese University Student Extracurricular Academic Technological Work Competition, 1 Silver Prize and 1 Copper Prize in China “Internet+” University Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, 3 Silver Prizes and 1 Copper Prize in “Young Entrepreneurship” National University Student Start-up Competition, 1 Special Prize, 3 First Prizes, 2 Second Prizes and 4 Third Prizes in National University Student E-business “Innovation, Creativity and Start-up” Challenge Competition. 1 student obtained Special Prize of Baosteel Outstanding Student of Baosteel Education Foundation; 1 student obtained “Outstanding Young Volunteer in Hubei Province” Title. With intense start-up atmosphere, 1 student obtained 1 “Start-up Sample” Title in Hubei Province; 1 student obtained Top 10 National University Student “Start-up Hero” Title; and 1 student obtained Top 100 National University Student “Start-up Hero” Title.


We are always actively carrying out exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries, and making explorations and innovations in teaching management mode. International exchanges and cooperation in diverse forms with Washburn University, River Falls Campus of University of Wisconsin and Deakin University in Australia. 14 double-degree students have been trained with Washburn University. 8 consecutive China-America University Student International Joint Internship Projects have been conducted. 3 Consecutive China-America-Belgium University Student International Joint Internship Projects have been conducted with Washburn University and Belgium PXL Applied Technology University. WE have also established close strategic partnership with domestic large and medium-sized companies, including Evergrande Group and China Baowu Group, jointly cultivated numerous senior management talents and conducted cooperation in the field of production, learning and research.